International Conference of Innovation in Media and Visual Design (IMDES) offers vast exchange possibilities to researchers, practitioners, academics, and design professionals.
The goal of IMDES is to bring together researchers and practitioners who have worked on or thought about design, technology, mass media, and people from a variety of perspectives, disciplines, and fields. We invite high quality submissions for IMDES 2020 in forms of substantial, genuine, and unpublished research.


The Innovation in Media and Visual Design conference discusses the relationship between mass media, people, design and technology as well as digital media creation from those interactions. The conference interdisciplinary approach draws on design, information, social science, and the humanities, offering/allowing not only to think/design what today’s design make possible, but to invent new things on mass media and society can do using emergent technology. This conference is a sphere for those intellectuals who examine the conceptual design, praxis and research discourse on the exploration of academic merits for the design field.

IMDES 2020

The main focus for this first conference is ‘Interdisciplinary Design, Innovation and Sustainability’. Interdisciplinary design can be defined as designer (s) whose practice generates work in two or more disciplines. Industry revolution transferred the manufacture of craft into mechanized production, and technology became more common. More and more new stuff was needed to innovate and creative. Under this background, the transfer of knowledge extended to different occupations. Interdisciplinary study satisfies the demands of social development and increases cooperation. The process of figuring out problems with design should not be confined to a single area, such as illustration, visual media, graphic design, or architecture. It is in this combination of design and technologies from other fields, in which we can see the origin of interdisciplinary design.

Conference themes:

Design Theory and methods; Design Business and Practices; Design Project, Participation & Collaboration; Media and Digital Experiment

1. Design Theory and methods: this thematic group carries out research and provides all aspects of the design process as a means to increasing our understanding of the field of design theory and methodology. It provides theoretical concepts for starting point for design research that aims to generate knowledge about designing under various conditions, and it focuses on the application of methods including the adaptation of existing methods as well as the development of new methods derived from theory.
Topics include, but not limited to: Interaction Design Methods, Design Animation Theory, Architecture Theory and Design, Graphic Design Theory, Visual Methods, Design And Visual Literacy, Digital Media and Design History, Sequential Narrative, Design and Media Education

2. Design Business and Practice: This thematic group seeks a contribution from industry's perspective on how design and creative industry performs and takes a lead in current design ecosystem, and how they reflect their design practices at the same time.
Topics include, but not limited to Case Study Design, Design Management, Design Analytics, Advertising Design, Design Ethics, Design Systems, Brand promotion and campaign, Start-up Design Identity, and Strategic Communication Design

3. Design Project, Participation & Collaboration: This thematic group opens opportunity for interdisciplinary or transdisciplinary researchers to share novelties within design project case studies, which promote collaborative and participatory problem solvings.
Topics include, but not limited to: Co-Design, Participatory Design, Design for Social, Environmental Design, Service Design, Design for Health, Human Centered Design, Smart Textile And Design, Product Design, Industrial Design, Smart City Design, E-learning Design, and Design for Development

4. Media and Digital Experiment: Through experiment, it opens an opportunity for looking design and digital media in a new form, and how this new form could creative and innovation for design future.
Topics include, but not limited to: Media Experiment, Virtual Media, Media Documentation, Media Text and Institution, Media Production, Design Fiction, Future Media, Data Visualization, Digital Data Communication, Intelligent Systems, Virtual Environment, Experimental Design, Type Design in Digital Age, Digital Arts, AI, Media And Design