Brand Rejuvenation Design of Kecap Banteng

  • Vincentia Audrey Universitas Multimedia Nusantara
  • Erwin Alfian Universitas Multimedia Nusantara
Keywords: brand rejuvenation, millennials generation, Kecap Banteng, local product, design


Nowadays in this growing era, every company try to create innovative and creative things to attract millennials generation. Today situation makes business people try to reach millennials generation as their target market. Kecap Banteng is one of local product located in Cirebon, Indonesia. They had long history and still survive, even the rapid competition makes them almost collapsed in a few past years. Brand rejuvenation is one of branding activity to refresh old brand which is sick and almost die. The first strategy of brand rejuvenation is to refresh the brand identity to increase omset and income also refresh the brand equity of Kecap Banteng. Writer lift up this phenomenon and choose this topic with titled “Brand Rejuvenation Design of Kecap Banteng”. Writer hopes this brand rejuvenation could lift brand equity of Kecap Banteng in this era, compete with competitor and be the top-of-mind brand in Cirebon.


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Audrey, V., & Alfian, E. (2020). Brand Rejuvenation Design of Kecap Banteng. International Conference of Innovation in Media and Visual Design, 1(1), 154-159.