The Relationship of Music-Sound, Technology and Internet

  • Clemens Felix Setiyawan Universitas Multimedia Nusantara
  • Dyah Murwaningrum Universitas Multimedia Nusantara
Keywords: Music, design, sound, technology, internet


Nowadays, music creation, collaboration, and publication are easier because of technology. Most young generations have sent music data, made, sold, bought music files on the internet. This changed music processes certainly resulted in different outcomes. Listening and creating music by new means, can change music itself. Technology has simplified tools, and the internet has simplified the distance. But new problems and questions have been found. How were the internet and technology influenced the quality of music, music creator, music appreciator and the form of music. The aims of this research to determine the relationship between music, technology, and the internet, through behavior of the young generation. This study was qualitative research that used observations and unstructured interviews. In subsequent observations, participant-observer was chosen as an advanced research method to better understand existing phenomena. The result of observations and interviews were interpreted, then presented descriptively. This research used theory by Don Ihde that technology has three characteristics (1) material (2) used (3)relationship of human and tools. The result of this research is internet influenced music quality and human appreciation. Technology changed the way humans create music.


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Setiyawan, C., & Murwaningrum, D. (2020). The Relationship of Music-Sound, Technology and Internet. International Conference of Innovation in Media and Visual Design, 1(1), 160-169.